The Royal Wedding (evening reception)


Kate in her second dress, also designed be Sarah Burton.
Like a Disney princess ♥

Prince Charming looks amazing too!


Easter diary

Some pictures from last weekend in lovely Heidelberg...



casual me

 My outfit from yesterday. Really nothing so spacial about it, but veeery comfortable.
I love when I put on the first thing I take out of the wardrobe and then feel good in it. 
There are the times you want to experiment with your look so you try and try and try, till you see in the mirror what you had in your mind. Then there are the times you have to be chick, open your wardrobe, take the LBD, put it on, voilà! And then- the times you just want to put something on, so you don't get arrested for walking naked on the street. And this have to be very comfy- like a second skin. :)

H&M vest, esprit top, SISLEY pants, SW shoes, Longchamp bag, Ray Ban sunglasses



It's a real good feeling!

Actually... NOT!
If you knew what happened to me this morning before I had my coffee...
The ones who really know me (and have been confronted with me on some early morning, right after I woke up) know that the moments from the getting-out-of-my-bed till I finish my coffee are CRITICAL! I just can't help it and maybe sometimes people think I am rude, strange or psycho... but I just need some time by myself till I really wake up. NO speaking, NO talking... just me and the coffee.

Gold! gold! gold! gold! Bright and yellow, hard and cold!

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