Outfit Friday

Looking at my friday outfit I don't have anything to say but: bring the summer weather back, whoever took it!!!



In every wardrobe there are things which we don't wear, but we don't want to get rid of either. As an example- the top I am wearing. I remember buying it one winter years ago, I also remember wearing it... once? twice? Looking at the top I can only ask myself what the reason to discriminate it is. But I have no answer... I actually really really like it! 
Same thing with a silk top I bought years ago... anyways... may be these pieces will eventually some day have their comeback, or should I rather say come in handy at all.




xoxo, Rums


Two more days to the weekend. :)))

xoxo, Rums


Exactly the day after I took all the summer clothes out of my wardrobe, so they don't remind me there was no summer in Germany these year, the heat came. So 07:35 today I had to be very quick in taking my summer clothes out of the suitcase I hid them in. My choice of the day- a little black dress :)


Donna Karan Fall 2011



If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

As you can see I am "suffering" from a lack of a photographer. So I am really sorry for the bad self-shots.

Today we had a reaaaaly hot weather. There even was danger of heatstroke so... the perfect day for my h&m hat I bought 2 months ago and wore... once?!?!


The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.

I just wanted to capture the moment- me after sport. As I was little I never did any sports so now I am so proud of me when I go jogging. :)



The nail lacquer affair

A really tough decision... Since I am using only different shades of red these days it would be nice to pick another color... the thing is I love red nails and picking another color feels like a betrayal. :D


Flying Bach

Classical music vs. breakdance.

I never was a real fan of breakdance, but in combination with classical music, I can only call it- impressive!


crazy stupid RYAN

Yesterday was ladies night at the cinemaxx, and the film was CRAZY STUPID LOVE. It was crazy, it was stupid... and it definitely was LOVE when Ryan Gosling took off his shirt...

So... yeah! It was a fun night!

Photos after the click!


On my wishlist

A few minutes on zara.com and I wanted pretty everything. It was a really tough decision what to stay on my wishlist and what not. The pieces you see below had really good competitors. These are Nr. 2 to 5. Nr.1 didn't make it to the wishlist... I ordered it right away, impulsive me! I'll show it to you as soon as I get it. :)


Life is about using the whole box of crayons

Some Suggestions to bring color to your live inspired by Margherita Missoni and her new Milanese home. I personally can't get enough of these colors!



Second stop- Strasbourg! I have never been to France before (but always wanted to). My first impression was really really good- the weather was just right, nice people, and the food... oh the food was amazing! Not to mention the shops and the stile of the french women... tres tres cool et tres tres chic! I am looking forward to visit France again. And this time is Paris on the list!


a spark of heavenly fire

Last week I took a little vacation. No work, no studying, no stress... My first stop- lovely Munich. Well I spend less than 24 hours, which was about 48 hours less than I needed in my favorite city in Germany, but there was another destination on the list and too little time.
See more pictures from the amazing Sofitel Munich Bayerpost below.


Topshop Make Up Tutorials

It is always nice to be able to find inspirations whenever you need it.
Here some "bold and innovative" suggestions from Topshop.

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