On Saturday I went to a gas station with a friend of mine. Desperately looking for the new issue of VOGE at the shelves with endless magazines I saw it... well I thought so. As I stand right in front of that big wall covered with journals the one I took for VOGUE a minute ago from 3 meters away turned out to be COVER... (find the 10 differences). Just look at the O and the V!

COVER is launched by BUNTE (which is part of the BURDA STYLE GROOP). Started on 16. April. Actually I really liked it. Bought it right away just to see what's in it. Since this was the firs issue coming out, I had to be informed... well VOGUE is VOGUE, but COVER is also pretty good (and twice cheeper!).

Here some more information (in German!) about the magazine and here some more about the Hubert Burda Media (also in English).


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