It's a real good feeling!

Actually... NOT!
If you knew what happened to me this morning before I had my coffee...
The ones who really know me (and have been confronted with me on some early morning, right after I woke up) know that the moments from the getting-out-of-my-bed till I finish my coffee are CRITICAL! I just can't help it and maybe sometimes people think I am rude, strange or psycho... but I just need some time by myself till I really wake up. NO speaking, NO talking... just me and the coffee.

Then there are the times when I get mad at myself for interrupting the natural flow of the the morning...like today. I turned on the TV... VIVA, music- why not- it should help me wake up, put me in a good mood. First song- the end of some Justin Bieber song and then... Oh dear Lord- David Hasselhoff whit his new single- "It's a real good feeling"...
 Just HEAR the song, WATCH the video... and then leave a comment about your spiritual state while the 03:36 minutes!
I was in physical pain!
I am sorry Mr. Hasselhof, I did like you in Baywatch... but this goes way too far! 

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Evie said...

Legend! :D

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