There is nothing better than the bad weather. (yeah, right!!!)

I take my words about the great spring weather back!
As I woke up yesterday I was really bad surprised by the rainy and cold weather outside. At least the heating worked, but still... I got a panic attack, because I left my worm winter coat in Bulgaria. I have some short ones here, for spring and autumn... but what I saw trough the window was WINTER. Among the spring jackets was one I bought 4 years ago and I remember wearing it in January - a relieving morning discovery. Then I remembered it had fur... so picture me, 15 minutes after waking up, still in pyjama searching trough my small and overstuffed wardrobe to find weather I still had that fur... priceless view!
AND.... I found it!
So... here you can see my outfit of the day- nothing so special, but... with my long forgotten and recently re-discovered jacket! Guess who's happy now!

SASCH Jacket; VERO MODA leggings; C&A oversized t-shirt; Converse chucks; Longchamp bag; 


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Emily said...

I'm with you on that one!

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