Afternoon delight

Leaving Germany a week ago on a rainy cold day I was very pleased to see that everything is different as I came back- the weather was great, everything was green, people looked happier and nicer, no more boots and winter jackets, but T-shirts and ballerinas- as if the universe was trying to make it easier for me to get back to my daily life away from my loved ones.
My only wish, after waking up my first april morning back here, was to go out and spend the day doing nothing particular. Apparently I was not the only one, because lovely Stuttgart happened to be full of people with the same mission- enjoying the weather.
I had a great time home (God, I miss it!), but in a month I'll be back there, so now is about concentrating on what is to be done, spending the spare time out smiling, while the sun is smiling back!

PATRIZIA PEPE blazer; ZARA skirt; AKIRA ballerinas; Nannini bag; H&M ring; Ray Ban glasses;



Anonymous said...

Страхотна пола с много красив принт. Браво! Чудесен избор!

Rumyana said...

Мерси, Иво!

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