Here some pictures from Manchester and Bolton.
I spend last Saturday in Trafford centre. By the minute I got there the time stopped and all I wanted was never to leave this place :) amazing place! I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

The last evening my brother took me to a spanish restaurant in Bolton, called La Salsa. We had a very delicious dinner, so I recommend this place :)
The biggest surprise was as the waitress asked us there are some bulgarians working there. They were so nice letting us try some of the specialties. The dinner ended with a dessert and a walk trough Bolton.

Now thinking about the several days I spend in the UK I think the time just flew by very fast. I met many interesting people and had a great time. That made me think about how important for it is to get to know new places and people and to widen my horizons.

xoxo, Rumyana

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