love sucks

When it comes to choosing a film I'd definitely pick a comedy... but vampire stories became a trend these days. I wonder how many teenagers want to suck the blood out of their girl-/boyfriends necks??? Scaryyy!

Talking about vampire stories, I confess I have seen the second Twilight movie... and I liked it! Another name that is known among the Vampire story lovers is the Vampire Diaries! I haven't seen it once, at least I didn't have a reason to...till now! Today I bumped on a very interesting video of someone who could be a reason for many people to watch Vampire diaries... and I am not talking of the main male actor who caught my eye...but the main actress- Nina Dobrev!

And as the name tells you- she is bulgarian :) Born in Sofia, but moved to Canada at a very early age. In Vampire Diaries she's playing two roles-  Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. 

A beautiful and talented young lady, i'd say! Those bulgarian genes... :D

xoxo, Rumyana


Foxy said...

Oooo, daa! I az pochnah da go gledam poradi syshtata prichina i si zaslujava ;)

Rumyana said...

Ami dovechera go davat po televiziata (kolko udobno), i shte go gledam i az! :)

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