trick or treat?

Happy Halloween weekend, everyone!

Only few hours thill I would have to prepare for the Halloween party I'll attend :) I find it so exciting, looking for costumes and having the opportunity to hide behind a mask and pretend to be a monster...or kind of.
I already picked my costume, it would be more self-made, which I find much better and interesting... The only thing is I haven't tried it on thill now, so either it will be great success, or I'll really look like homeless _ _ _ (I prefer to keep it a secret how I'll dress up tonight, you'll see it in my next post). :)

At last, I couldn't resist uploading some pictures of what I see trough my window!
Autumn could be my new favorite season! 
These days I spend much more time as usual watching the view from my window! 

 xoxo, Rumyana 

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