Let's play dolls!

Sometimes I just want to take my dolls out of the box where they are stored and play with them like when I was a child. Diving in Barbie's life was so amazing! I loved the pink colors and all the stuff my dolls had. Barbie's wardrobe was much more important to me as mine...at that time :D. I wanted her to live the best doll life possible! It was always butterflies and rainbows!

Speaking of doll's life- yesterday, while searching for something on twitter, a very interesting name came across - THE BARBIE BOX!!! Looks like someone wanted to play dolls like me, and even got further... made it possible for other adults to feel like real dolls... in a box!
To jump out of a cake is so yesterday, now you could be delivered at someone's party in a Barbie box as a LIMITED EDITION doll! Barbielicious!

xoxo, Rumyana 


Lucrezia Vozza said...

Haaha what a funny idea! Thanks for sharing!

Come to visit my blog, you're more than welcome!


Crystal Celebrity said...

Thanks for the post missy! We love that you love it! Mwahhhhhh *Hugz*
Crystal Celebrity xxx

Rumyana said...

I just couldn't resist! :)


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