I love H&M!

After a great Breakfast... at noon... I decided it is time for window shopping, so I can make my winter wish list. Although I don't like the cold weather, I love big warm sweaters, scarfs, hats and everything providing warmth at the temperatures during the winter. But once I went in a store... there was nothing to stop me, I had to buy something, to keep my body (and my soul) warm :)
Below you'll see the result... it is more like preview, but I'll show you all of it in different post.
Hope you'll like what you see :)

I just love all the colors of the winter collection of H&M! Winter seems to be better with a H&M sweater on! ;)

I was wearing:
H&M Tights
Leather bag
Zara jacket
Baby Angel oversize sweater

xx, R.

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oomph. said...

great finds. love H&M, although none where i live.


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