Here I go again... or just BACK AGAIN

The reason I was not posting the last days was that I was on my way from Bulgaria to Germany with few stops along the way, so it could be more hmm, let's say... exciting.
I spend a night in Szeged, a small town in Hungary, on the border with Serbia, which is very beautiful, but I never had the time to take a late night walk to see more of it, because I always arrive late and too tired.
I spend yesterday night in Vienna, one of my favorite cities!
After arriving late in the afternoon I had a mission to accomplish- to buy boots! And I found the perfect pair in the first shop i went (DOMINICHI)... I'll call it luck. The boots are very untraditional for me - dark blue, since I'd usually prefer black or brown.

In my next post I'll upload some pictures to show you more of the new members of my shoe family.

I was wearing:
Benetton Jeans
Buffalo Pumps
Louis Vuitton Bag
Vintage leather Belt


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