Can't wait for the weekend to begin!

The weekend officialy started, and I am ready to take off to Bodensee, where I'll spend the next two days with some friends. Now I feel like I've waited for this weekend tooooooo long, and so it is. Already a month ago I was invited from my roommate at his house. He's planning everything since then, so we all could spend great time at Bodensee.
At first I was almost afraid I wouldn't make it to pack my things in such a small suitcase. Since I don't really know what exactly we're going to do (it is a surprise) I should be prepared for everything.
The InStyle (i found in my post today) would accompany me in case some of us need an urgent advice how to be (more) in style!

I am wearing:
H&M sweater
Esprit Jeans
BOCH slippers

Have a nice weekend everyone!

xx, R.

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