Once upon a time, hkhm...
The first evening, right after we arrived in Radolfzell, at Bodensee, we went to a mexican bar to drink cocktails

and eat nachos:

Me and our host for the weekend posing:

After some cocktails we decided to take a walk along Bodensee.

On the next day, after a long breakfast we went to Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen in Switzerland. A magnificent place! The waterfall is with 150 meters width and 23 meters height. Not the highest in Europe, but with the biggest amount of water to fall in a second (373 liter in a sec.).
After seeing the view from the one site, we wanted to cross the river and go to the castle on the other site.

The Laufen castle:

And the way back was...on a boat, which was a bit scary for me, since it rocked all the way.

The afternoon was dedicated to Konstanz. 

I loved walking trough the small streets where you can find lots of small boutiques full of...everything you need and don't need, but is nice to be seen.

And finally some photos from the house where we spend the weekend:

Photos made by me, L. S. and J. S.

xx, R.

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