Yesterday, while looking trough some magazines an article caught my eye- "One Year Without Shopping". Two young women were talking about their decision not to go shopping for an year and what they are going trough. The one has taken a drastic decision and started right on the next day, the other hit the stores one more time before her fasting from fashion begun.

While reading and even now I can't really decide what my opinion about the NOTshopping is. My first reaction was: "I could never do that!", but then- I find it's a really interesting experiment. What will I do in the "shopping free" time? What will I do with THE MONEY I didn't spend on bags, shoes, etc.?

At times I really want to try, but then I feel scared... the forbidden fruit, you know. What if in two weeks I loose my sleep over a belt or an accessory? What if I find something I really really REALLY wanted... on SALE? What if I snap?

The decision weather to start such an experiment with myself, my psyche and my spirit may become one of the the most thought-out decisions I have ever made. At times I feel scared and don't really want to put myself trough something like this, but then- the idea of challenging and provoking myself is really tempting...

What is your opinion about the shopping fast? Have you ever tried it? Do you thing it is worth it?
I'd be really glad if you share your experiences and thoughts on the shopping vs NO-shopping theme with me :)


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