Just got to ignite the light and let it shine

A week ago was the Lichterfest (fireworks-and-lights-show) at the Killesberg park in Stuttgart. I never had the chance to see it before so I was really really excited to be there this year. AMAZING!!! If by chance you happen to be in Stuttgart on the day of the Lichterfest (and you love fireworks, lights, sparkles and outdoor picnic alike events), you should definitely go. I recommend it wholeheartedly. You Will Love It!

I made three videoclips... which are great, BUT I won't show you because all of my "Ooooooh", "Woooow", "Aaaaaaah", "Hoooooooou", "AMAZING!", "I love iiiiiit!", "THAT'S my favorite... and THAT... oooooooh and THAT too!", "Sparkleeeeeeeeeees!".


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