Yesterday was nice and interesting day. Started with what had to be done, so I can spend the best hours of the day out. It was the girls-flea-market-day, so the excitement was in the air. As I got to the meeting point I had enough time to see how crowds of girls- each one of whom had obviously taken care so she's the Beauty of the day- very stylish, very chick (or not so) passing by towards the flea market.

I find the idea great- going trough the stuff others once bought, but now want to get rid of is like taking a look in their personal lives, like finding out who they are, or were in the period they used the things they are selling now. It was a real vanity fair. The only problem was this flea market found place inside, so it was really crowded, and there was definitely enough air, because girls were acting crazy.

After an hour and something, as I saw almost everything, pushed here and there by girls seeing only their target and nothing else, with a bracelet for 3€ as a trophy from the flea market I decided to leave. I had the strange feeling I am leaving the battlefield- i was exhausted and desperately needed food. So my next stop was my favorite italian restaurant in Stuttgart where the fight continued- this time for food- I was not the only one starving and craving italian lunch. My day ended with a bag full of chocolate and another present for my birthday which I don't have to open until tuesday... not easy, because the Victoria's Secret pink box is calling my name every 5 minutes...

Choosing what to wear for the flea market, I thought it would be nice to create an outfit in the spirit of the event. After all it was not the regular flea market, but a girls one- finding place only several time in the year. And let's face it- girls are girls- we style up more than usual when attending an only-girls-event... even if it is a flea market.

The H&M clown dress was the perfect pick for the occasion, don't you think? :)

H&M dress and ring; esprit top; Buffalo sandals; vintage leather bag; Ray Ban sunglasses; MNG cardigan



Evie said...

Супер интересна идея, дано и в България някой ден се организира подобно мероприятие.

beesandbugs said...

Идеята наистина е страхотна! На такива места човек може да намери много добри попадения :)

Rumyana said...

Мисля, че най-голямото препятствие е да се намери терен. Сигурна съм, че има много момичета, който биха участвали. Аз лично- с удоволствие, стига да съм в България :)

Ashley said...
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