Mine is the night, with all her stars. (Grazia StyleNight by P&C)

After some very busy days feeling like the expectations of others about what I do make my world goes round the end of the week finally came. It was also the Grazia StyleNight at P&C in Stuttgart, so there was the perfect moment for me to let off steam. 

Although having only about 40 minutes to prepare I did my best, because in my mind I already knew how I wanted to look like so I can feel beautiful even for the past few days. And it was not only bout feeling pretty, but also about having fun! Having some of my amazing friends on my side, we rocked the P&C house the way we know. We were everywhere to be seen, making photo shoots, loud (as always when in the mood) and having great time (so: Thank you GRAZIA at P&C, for the wonderful night!).

For me the cherry on the top was the hair styling I got! Not for another reason but for giving me some time off of my (really lovely, but also really, really) straight hair. From time to time I want to have curls, but it is something I don't have the nerves to do by myself, so... I always have my hair as nature gave it to me (don't hate me now!!!). BUT after seeing the corner where hairstyling was done I started thinking and rethinking, and finally found myself sitting on of the chairs and having my hair done... oh what a feeling, when someone else is taking care of you! 
And the result... oh la laaaa!

I was wearing:
ZARA dress
AKIRA ballerinas
H&M tights
asos ring
Jette watch
Nannini bag


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