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I was often asked why I do not post pictures of the things I buy... well I think that people give objects personality. A blouse does not look the same on everyone , so I prefer showing my purchases when I've found the best way I can match them. :)

Even though, in this post I decided to show you some of the things that I have put my hands on these days. The reason is I just had some exhausting exams and spend last two days mostly in bed recovering. So posting pictures of me (and frighten people on the web!) is the last I'd like to do now.

Anyways, first of all I want to show you my newest red passion... I've always been fond of red (when we speak of nail polishes). Some time ago I noticed my collection of reds was getting poorer so I decided to fill it in. The last member of my red-nail-polish-family is the "90 really red" from essie. FABULOUS! (though not exactly the nuance I wanted- lights in the stores are really mean when it comes to light differences between colors! ha-ha!)

Speaking of nails and nail polishes, I was in a desperate need of a base (and a top coat) because the one I had was a real disaster! DO NOT BUY a L'OREAL  Resist & Shine Pro-Keratine base&top shine! Ever! At the beginning I thought I make something wrong because my nail polish always got bubbly. I tried again and again but in the last two months my manicure looked so not like I am used to it... AND LIKE IT! This time I put all my hopes on the essie 3-way-glaze (base+strengthener+top coat). Fingers crossed that it will decide my bubbly problem! 

At last but not least there comes THE purchase of the first half of February, which made a long journey before landing in my hands...on my (middle) finger. I am so excited, it was love from a second glance, but still- what a love! I am talking about an asos ring who was originally ordered from Germany, delivered in England, then sent (again) to Germany. I turns out I had ordered the last one in size L (yes, I do have bigger fingers as usual for a small person like me :D) and I sometimes consider not taking it off even when going to bed.
So Ladies and Gentlemen, my ring:

After staring for a while at the ring you may have forgotten I said "the purchase of the first half of February". Yep I did, not needed to look for it again. The purchase of the second half of February and may be of the year is the camera I've just ordered! I'd finally be able to take pictures with gooooood quality :D SO EXCITED!

xoxo, Rumyana


Anonymous said...

Със здраве да е камерата. Да нащракаш хубави снимки и да ги споделиш тук, че да се вдъхновяваме.

Rumyana said...

Благодарая много! Очаквам я всеки момент и нямам търпение да я разуча, за да може по-скоро да влезе в действие! :)

Frickys said...

Червеното се завръща с пълна сила! Добър избор!!!

Rumyana said...

Вече е един от любимите ми цветове! Интересно как вкусът на човек се променя с времето. :)

xx, R.

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