You joined me on this sunny day just for a moment then you flew away.

Living far far away from home means being homesick from time to time... I've noticed it gets critical for me if I don't go home at least two or three times in a year. And I luckily do it :) or have done it thill now, but as I see what is to be done in the next six months I slowly start to freak out I might miss some holidays.

One of my favorite places, where I actually get the desire to go home even more, is the airport in Stuttgart... ok- Burger King at the Stuttgart Airport. Not (only) because of the food, but it is quite a bonus, I admit! It is the view that brings me back here- all those arriving and departing airplanes, all those people carrying suitcases and having tickets in their hands... I start dreaming and planing where I'd go next time...

And when the thoughts overwhelm me, while looking trough the window, I take a bite of my sandwich, which brings me down to earth :D I could have spent hours at the airport today... and actually made it to the dessert, but duty called... the studying, I mean...

xoxo, Rumyana

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