In case you've been wondering...

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... what i was doing lately and where did I disappear... Well I had some exams and I could be found only in my room studying... or in the kitchen- eating :D

After some sleepless nights and a 12 hour train-plain journey to Bulgaria I am finally HOME! Still didn't have the chance to get enough sleep, but there are so many people I want to meet, and so many things to accomplish before the holidays. They say that the key to happiness is to keep yourself busy... and in fact I feel just great!

Today was all about buying Christmas presents...  as one real Snow White I think I helped Santa very much and did great job ;) Hope everyone like what they find under the Christmas tree :)

Cleopatra (the hippopotamus) and I wish you a nice evening... Christmas wishes are coming up in a separate post :)


xoxo, Rumyana

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